We need to Observe better

Are we going to the root of the problem, when we are trying to change a behavioror a problem? Is medication going to help the way we want it to help? Is medication the answer to behavioral problems? The pressure to put your child on medication is very real.Medication seems to be one easy wayContinue reading “We need to Observe better”

How to Listen to all that is not Said

Wanting to get your point across? Feeling discomfort of not being heard or acknowledged? Being uptight and stressed out about it? We often try to get our thoughts across to the extent that we do not allow the other person to answer. We might even finish their sentence. Do you want to be understood? DoContinue reading “How to Listen to all that is not Said”

Counteracting Budget cuts- No Money

I hope to help you parents with this write up, hoping to give you ideas about what you can do to change a challenging situation for the better.
We all need to find solutions and often need to be creative when it comes to serving our special children.


Being bullied and teased creates sensitivity which grows into hypo sensitivity due to humiliation.Your child naturally wants to withdraw from others as isolation feels safer. Reclusiveness later in life is often the result from years of not being able to trust people.