About Me

Barbarah Kisschowsky

I raised three children as a single parent  with Zackery as the youngest.

Zackery is develop-mentally delayed with Autism and CP, and he is non-verbal. His non coping with anxiety often leads to meltdowns in public. I was living ” on the edge”.

My blog posts will show you what I did . Maybe you get some ideas of your own.

Owning your story, changing what needs to be changed, is the bravest thing you will ever do.

Let me help you. Contact me.

Zackery’s Social Network Society is a registered non-profit, founded in 2012 to help support Zackery’s development

Education & Experience

SDSU ( San Diego)  Ed. Ldrship for the 21st century

UBC, Vancouver       Adult Education

NAMI, BC                  Ed. in Mental Health

Germany                  Teacher

  • Schoolboard – Special Education
  • Criminal Youth Justice Hostel
  • Foster care ( level 3 youth)
  • Mental Health contract