Mad Jack – Nintendo 64

Being bullied or teased does not need to be a necessary part of growing up when you have a disability. But it happens a lot to our vulnerable kids. They often are easy targets to be mimicked or are entertainment for others.
It doesn’t matter how different your child is from the norm. What matters is that your child feels different from the others.
Being bullied and teased creates sensitivity which grows into hypo sensitivity due to humiliation.Your child naturally wants to withdraw from others as isolation feels safer. Reclusiveness later in life is often the result from years of not being able to trust people.
A bullied child experiences constant sorrow on a deep level. Shyness, shame, secretiveness, lying about it, powerlessness are his/her companions. Being bullied influences and changes your personality.
Your child might feel unworthy. Often he/she doesn’t think that anyone will understand. What does your child hear as guidance to cope with when saying something about a “bad guy” in school? Just stay out of his/her way.
Observe your child when you suspect that he/she is not the same anymore.
Does your child feel drawn to violent video games? Aside from the fact that these games are trendy now, many bullied children consistently prefer games with violent themes. It resonates with their pain and releases it. The violence creates the needed pressure your child needs to cope.
How does Zackery cope with the previous hurt of being bullied? Being a young man with significant developmental delay, he prefers ( and gets stuck) in one particular youtube video over and over again.
He loves to watch on youtube Nintendo 64 Jack in the box. Awful music is accompanying Jack who pops out of a box in an overpowering and threatening manner, chasing scared Tiny from box to box.

Published by Barbarah

I raised three children as a single parent with Zackery as the youngest. Zackery is develop-mentally delayed with Autism and CP, and he is non-verbal. I am here to help you learn to cope as well.

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