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Like many of us, also I, as a single parent with three children  lived for several years in low income housing. Money was tight. 

Restrictions- pressure- often depression- conforming to making due- sacrifice of work and social circle- family issues- extraordinary stress- guilt- isolation- grief- loss of self- exhaustion and being stuck in it- trying to please everybody, creating workable relationships with everyone in the family – and just plain suffering was my life. 

My challenge and ultimate success came with accepting responsibility, accepting that my life was different, not fighting against what could not be changed and creating resilience. You have the most difficult job out there, and not many people want to be in your shoes.

Barbarah Kisschowsky

  • My name is Barbarah Kisschowsky, I am Zackery’s mom. We live in coastal British Columbia Canada, in The Powell River, Texada Island and Vancouver Island region. I specialize in helping parents and caregivers of children with disabilities and special needs, to cope. Read More
  • Raising a child with special needs is a big challenge. Do you want to talk, be heard and understood? I am here to help. My help is free. If you give a donation, it will benefit Zackery’s life. Reach Out
  • As parents, we love certainty, predictability, and clarity. But life with a child with special needs is often chaotic, full of pressure and responsibility. It is a challenge to create and accept resilience and determination. Read More
  • Feeling burned out and overwhelmed? I can help you find a calmer balance. Read my story and follow my blog (enter your email below)